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Updates the settings file for the selected river network to the latest version.  You will need to do this if you update your RivEX toolbox and want to keep the attributes you have already added to your network.


This tool will update the settings file to match the latest toolbox version.  You will want to do this if you have updated your RivEX toolbox to the latest version.

Updating a settings file avoids you having to rebuild a new workspace. This tool updates the version number in the settings file and additionally inserts new entries into the settings file if the version change requires it.

An alternative, but not recommended approach, is to run the Create a RivEX  workspace to build a new workspace, but this means RivEX "forgets" topology, any attribution and datasets you may have created.  You might take this approach if you want to work from a new copy of your dataset as a precaution.

This tool runs very quickly and will allow you to continue processing your network without the need of re-running the tools you had previously run.




Data type

River Network

The river network you wish to update the existing RivEX settings file.

Feature Layer


The output of this tool is a Boolean. If output is TRUE then the settings file was updated (or it was already up to date). If output is FALSE the tool failed to execute.


This tool runs very fast so to understand any logging it has created it is recommended you turn on messaging.

With the release of ArcGIS Pro 3.2.1 a switch control appears on parameters that accept tables\feature classes, do not interact with it! More advice here.


This tool is not meant to be run in a scripting environment. Run this tool from toolbox in an active ArcPro session.

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