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Creates a workspace folder and initialises the RivEX settings file.  This is the first step to using RivEX, a workspace must exist before you can extract network topology.


This tool creates a RivEX workspace, this is a special folder maintained by RivEX and sits within the folder where the river network is. Topo cache, error logs and outputs along with the RivEX settings file are stored here.  

If Overwrite existing workspace is ticked on then RivEX will delete the existing workspace before building a new one.  Deleting an existing workspace will destroy any existing topo cache data and output datasets created by RivEX.  There is no undo for this action! It will not delete the river network.

If the checkbox is unticked and RivEX discovers an existing workspace then the tool aborts.




Data type


Select the folder where your river network is. RivEX will create a special sub-folder called RivEX_Workspace in this location.

  • If your network is a shapefile and for example it is in c:\data\projects\Amazon\AmazonNet.shp then select the folder in c:\data\projects\Amazon

  • If your network is a file geodatabase feature class and for example it was in c:\data\projects\Amazon\myGDB.gdb\Hydrology\rivers then select the folder in c:\data\projects\Amazon

DO NOT choose a folder which does not have the network in it. For example your data is stored here c:\data\projects\Amazon\myGDB.gdb\Hydrology\rivers but you have chosen a folder location d:\temp\mydata. The RivEX workspace needs to be in the same folder as your river network.


Overwrite existing workspace

If this is checked and an existing workspace is found, this will cause RivEX to delete the existing workspace folder before reconstructing the new workspace.



The output of this tool is an initialised RivEX workspace. The workspace is created in the folder where the river network sits.  The structure of the RivEX workspace is discussed on this help page.


RivEX will create the workspace folder where you have set the Folder parameter to be. This must be the folder that contains the river network. In the case of a feature class in a file geodatabase then it is the folder that the geodatabase sits within that you set as the folder for the workspace to be created in.  For example your network is located here c:\data\projects\Amazon\myGDB.gdb\Hydrology\rivers then the folder to select is c:\data\projects\Amazon.


  1. There is no undo to the overwrite existing workspace option if you have selected this.
  2. This tool is not meant to be run in a scripting environment, use it to create a RivEX workspace. Run this tool from toolbox in an active ArcPro session.

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