You can very easily update RivEX by visiting the Download page and overwriting the installed version. Follow these simple steps:


Download the latest version of RivEX, simply click on the zip icon at bottom of page. You will download a zip file.


Open the zip file using your preferred application.


Extract the folder RivEX_ArcPro to the root of your C:\ drive.  If you are not being asked to confirm that you intend to OVERWRITE\REPLACE files then you are unzipping RivEX to the wrong location!

You MUST unzip to C:\ so that files are replaced.

Do not make the mistake of unzipping into C:\RivEX_ArcPro as you will be extracting into the folder and not replacing the old toolbox and code!


Your license file will not be removed by the unzipping process. If you wish, you can review the change log to better understand what has changed/improved.


Optional task - If you have processed a network with RivEX and need to continue using RivEX in further analysis then you will need to run the update settings file to latest version tool as a first step.