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Use this tool to add, replace or remove river synonyms used by RivEX when using name matching in the snap site tool.


If river names are used to quality control site snapping then synonyms are stripped out of river names during the snapping process to simplify name matching. This tool allows you to add or remove synonyms used in your language.

Due to cartographic demands, a river can have different names displayed along its length.  You might see for example "River Nile", "Nile", "R. Nile" or "R Nile" along the river yet they are clearly naming the same river.  A simple text search may reject these as "R. Nile" is not strictly the same as "R Nile".  By stripping out synonyms during the snapping process, you have higher confidence that your site is snapping to the correct channel when part of the snapping process is to test that the site name "Nile" is equal to the river name "Nile".

You can update this list by adding synonyms used in your language and removing synonyms not used in your language, although there is no harm in keeping the default list and simply adding new synonyms to the list.

If you need to adjust synonyms used by RivEX in name matching during the snapping process then you would typically use this tool after you have run the Create a RivEX Workspace tool.




Data type

RivEX Workspace 

The RivEX workspace folder, this is always called RivEX_Workspace and is a sub-folder that sits in your river network folder. Do not navigate into this folder, otherwise this tool rejects the location, you need to be selecting the folder itself. For example c:\MyRiverProjects\Nile\RivEX_Workspace



A list of synonyms. These are initially read from the settings file. You can then edit the list by adding, replacing or removing entries. When you run the tool it is this list that replaces the original list read from the settings file. If you attempt to enter an empty list it will be rejected and the table repopulated with the original synonyms.

List [of strings]


The output of this tool is an updated list of synonyms stored in the RivEX settings file.  Unless you open the settings file in notepad then once the tool has completed running you won't actually see any changes.




This tool is not meant to be run in a scripting environment, it is for you to interact with the list of synonyms stored in the settings file. Run this tool from toolbox in an active ArcPro session.

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