The tools found in the RivEX toolbox are described in detail within this section of the manual. Each page provides advice on the tool using the following format:


- A short description of the tool and it's outputs.


- A detailed description of the tools' function, its inputs and tool behaviour.  Usage often includes images to describe an important issue.

  The usage section will indicate if a tool requires other RivEX generated attributes encoded into the network before the tool can be used.


- A table listing the tool parameters, a description of what they mean and the parameter type. A parameter name in italics means that it is an optional parameter.


- A description of the output of the tool and\or any attribution created.


- Any warnings that are considered by RivEX as significant changes to the inputs/outputs and should not be ignored.


- Limitations of the tool, typically the requirements of the tool and\or any behaviour that you should be aware of.

Code sample

- A minimum code example illustrating how to call the tool in python and access its output(s).

The toolbox is split into seven toolsets, grouping tools with related functionality. The toolsets are:

RivEX tools can be added to the Ribbon.

Warning With the release of ArcPro 3.2.1 new functionality was added by ESRI to all tool parameters that accept a table/layer. They now have a switch control to allow you to toggle on or off the use of existing selections.  Do not interact with this control! More information found here.