RivEX comes provided with a small sample of data to allow you to experience the full suite of tools before you purchase RivEX.  Until you purchase a license code, RivEX will only work with the demonstration data.  The data consists of 5 shapefiles which are found in C:\RivEX_ArcPro\Demo_Data.  Simply add these to a map and RivEX will function. The dataset is a small cut from an Alaskan catchment taken from the NHD. U.S. Geological Survey, 2009, National Hydrography Dataset.

Demonstration data

Demonstration dataset, you can use this to explore all the functions of RivEX.

With the demonstration data loaded, add the RivEX toolbox to your project then proceed with preparing the network using RivEX; you can then explore the many attribution and site processing tools.