The version of shapely that comes packaged with ArcPro 3.1.x is not compatible with the more modern version of shapely used by RivEX. You need to install shapely 2.0.1. into your active python environment.  This page guides you through this simple process.

Before you can install shapely 2.0.1 you need an active python environment you can modify (i.e. install modules into), this is discussed in the Step 1 install instructions.

You need a connection to the internet for python to download shapely


Step 2

Step 1

Click on your Windows start button in your task bar and type cmd then select Open to open the Command Prompt window as highlighted in red below.

command  prompt

Step 2

At the command line prompt, type cd  followed by a space then the full path to your active python environment. This is the path that you copied in step 8 in the install Step 1 guide.  If you have not done Step 1 to clone your environment because you already have a cloned environment then you can simply type out your full path or go back to the Environment Manager and copy the path as described in step 8.  Either way you want to enter the command followed by your active python environment path, then press the return key.  An example on my computer is shown below:

Entering this command changes the prompt to the path you just entered. A prompt always ends with a > symbol.

Step 3

Now type cd Scripts at the prompt and press the return key. Your Command prompt window should look similar to below

Step 4

At the prompt type type pip install shapely==2.0.1 and press the return key as shown below.

Depending upon what you have already installed you will  get a varying amount of text scroll up as python installs shapely, in my environment it used an existing cache, for you it might download what it needs. Regardless of the amount of text that appears you are looking for the final line to say Successfully installed shapely-2.0.1. If you already have shapely 2.0.1 installed you will likely see a set of  "requirement already satisfied" statements. If you see these or the successfully installed shapely statement then you can close the Command prompt window by clicking on the cross in top right.

If you do not see the statement Successfully installed shapely-2.0.1. or a set of "requirement already satisfied" statements without an error message, then you need to contact your IT support for help as it most likely a permissions setting and beyond the support that RivEX can provide.

Now proceed to Step 3, Licensing RivEX

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