RivEX was developed as an ESRI Python Toolbox. Like any other python development it imports a variety of Python modules to accomplish its tasks. It makes use of a module called shapely for several processing tasks.  The version of shapely that comes packaged with ArcPro 3.1.x is not compatible with the more modern version of shapely used by RivEX.

To be able to install shapely you need a python environment that you can change.   ArcPro comes with a default python environment which is read-only. You need to make a copy of this environment, often referred to as cloning, which you can modify. ESRI makes this task very easy and this page guides you through this process.

Step 1

Step 1

Start ArcPro and on the home page click on Settings as highlighted in red below.

Step 2

In the Settings menu click on Package Manager as highlighted below.

Step 3

Click on the cog button on the far right of Package Manager page.

Step 4

In the Environment Manager dialogue that appears click on the Clone arcgispro-py3 button highlighted in red below.

Note: In the screen shot above you see my user name "hornb", you will have your own different user name.

Step 5

Give your new environment a sensible name, I recommend arcgispro-py3-rivex but you can name it anything you like!

Press OK and ArcPro will take about 2-3 minutes cloning the default python environment.  If the cloning process fails you might have this scenario to resolve first.

Step 6

Once the cloning process has completed, in the Environment Manager dialogue, select your new environment then click on the 3 dots button and select Activate.

Step 7

Your Environment Manager dialogue should look similar to below.  Note I happen to have another environment called arcgispro-py3_Spyder, you might have others yourself. You can have many environments, each with a unique set of modules installed.

Your new arcgispro-py3-rivex environment must be the activated environment (it has the green tick next to it).

That's it, you have just cloned your python environment in 6 clicks! 

Step 8

This final step is about making your life easier. Having cloned your environment you are now going to install shapely as detailed in Step 2. But before you do that copy the full path to your new active environment into notepad. Simply highlight the path as shown below, right click and copy, then paste it into notepad.  You will use this folder path when you install shapely.  Having it copied and ready to use makes installing shapely a lot easier!

Press OK and shut down ArcPro to ensure your changes are registered with the application.

Now proceed to Step 2, installing the shapely module

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