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Generates a license code from your Windows Operating System which you enter into the RivEX purchase page.


As part of the purchase process you need to provide a unique ID to your operating system that is encoded into the license file. This tool extracts that ID which you then enter into the purchase page on the RivEX website. If you have Copy ID to Windows Clipboard ticked on then the tool will for your convenience copy the code to the clipboard so you can simply paste the ID into the RivEX purchase page website.  

You only ever need to run this tool once manually from the toolbox.




Data type

Copy ID to Windows Clipboard

If ticked (default) the ID code is copied to the clipboard as well as displayed in the tool dialog.



The output is a unique code that is extracted from your Windows Operating system. This 32 character code including the four hyphens is the code you need to enter into the RivEX purchase page so that a license file can be built and sent to you. The code is copied to the clipboard by default but you can also view it in the tools dialog, an example is shown below.

Creating a license


The tool will check if the required version of shapely is installed.  RivEX has been developed using shapely 2.0.1, you must have at least that version installed to use RivEX.  See this help page for advice on installing the correct version of shapely into your ArcPro python environment.


This tool is not meant to be run in a scripting environment, it is for you to extract the license code, a one-time operation when you wish to purchase RivEX. Run this tool from toolbox in an active ArcPro session.

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