RivEX provides a suite of quality control tools for you to run on your river network.  You are STRONGLY encouraged to pass your network through all the quality control tools before you attempt to use any other RivEX tools.  This will give you the confidence that RivEX will process your data in a reliable manner.

Even if you have acquired your river network from a reputable source, RivEX must assume there are errors and you need to first pass the data through the Extract network topology and write to workspace tool then all quality control tools.

Outputs of the quality control tools are error log tables which are loaded by default back into the map. With a relate built you can use these tables to streamline your editing experience by jumping directly to the polyline that is being logged in the error log table.

RivEX provides only one tool that will auto-correct data; the remaining quality control tools identify errors and it is up to you with the wider knowledge of the dataset to make the corrections.