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A demonstration copy of RivEX

You can download from this web page a fully functional version of RivEX  that can run on any ArcGIS 10.6.1 machine.  It will only work with the supplied sample dataset, which is a small section of a catchment in Alaska taken from the NHD website.
Download and save the file to your C:\ drive.
Unzip the file to create a C:\RivEX folder, DO NOT unzip to another folder location (e.g. C:\temp\RivEX)
Start ArcMap and go to menu option Customize > Add-In Manager
Click on Options tab
Click on the Add Folder button and navigate to C:\RivEX\Bin
Click on Close to close Add-In manager window, you may need to turn on the RivEX toolbar (Customize > Toolbars).
Install Instructions for demonstration version

It is provided to show you how RivEX functions and the typical outputs it can generate.

Running the demo version will allow you to test RivEX with your system setup. If the demonstration version of RivEX successfully runs then you will have confirmed that your version of ArcMap can run RivEX.

Please be aware that a purchased version of RivEX will be locked to a specific computer.

The supplied river network was taken  from the NHD website and stripped of all fields except the original ComID  field.  Example point datasets are provided so you can use RivEX to query the network.

The RivEX Demo and sample data are provided as a single downloadable zip file. The Help file provides a few walkthroughs to show you some of the tools of RivEX.