RivEX has a suite of tools for processing sites. A site is a point snapped to the river network.

Site processing tools

Analysing the network with site data requires you to have built the specific fields used by RivEX through the various attribution processes.  You cannot proceed until such fields are created. Your river network must conform to the RivEX  input specifications.

The available site processing tools are:

Snap sites to the network

Find the source for a site

Find sites upstream of a site

Find sites downstream of a site

Transfer network attributes to the site

Build a link to nearest sites (within a layer)

Creating reaches

Find nearest upstream sites

Extract nearby network

Link all sites

Warning Tools that use lengths extracted from the network will be in the units of the dataset. This won't make much sense if the dataset is in decimal degrees and would in fact cause other RivEX tools to process the network incorrectly. If your network is not in units of meters you must project your dataset into a coordinate system that is. See more advice here.