ErrorRivEX reports a non-fatal error message saying "Output node not found in RivEX Settings file, this was introduced in v10.19, see troubleshooting". You can choose to ignore this but newer functionality will not run until it is resolved.

SolutionNew functionality was added to RivEX in version 10.19 which allows a user to auto-load any output created by RivEX. Outputs are stored in a defined location and RivEX can establish links to these to load them back into the map. The names and locations of these outputs are stored in the Settings File. You are getting this error as your settings file was built using an earlier version of RivEX and the node that stores the output information does not exist. The solution is to delete the workspace folder which contains the settings file and allow the newer version of RivEX you are using to rebuild the settings file. 

WarningDeleting the workspace will mean that RivEX will forget about any fields it has created, outputs and will insist in rebuilding the topology dictionaries, consider backing up.