Analysing a river network does not enhance the network by adding new fields of information, instead it extracts out information and stores it separately.

Analyse network tools

RivEX can send the results of an analysis to either dBase files or directly to MS Excel. When sending data directly to MS Excel you must allow it to complete the transfer and minimise the Excel application window. 

Analysing the network requires you to have built the specific fields used by RivEX through the various attribution processes.  You cannot proceed until such fields are created. Your river network must conform to the RivEX  input specifications.

WarningInterrupting the data transfer by clicking on the Excel window will cause the transfer to fail! Excel will always minimise when transfer is complete, so be patient if you are processing a large river network.

The network analysis tools available are:

Extracting network connectivity

Basic network properties

Extract node properties

Catchment statistics

Warning Tools that extract lengths will be in the units of the dataset. This won't make much sense if the dataset is in decimal degrees and would in fact cause other RivEX tools to process the network incorrectly. If your network is not in units of meters you must project your dataset into a coordinate system that is. See more advice here.