The terms and condition of using RivEX are described here, please ensure you understand.

You use the RivEX tool at your own risk. The author of RivEX will not be held responsible for loss of data and/or earnings if data corruption occurs during the installation or running of the RivEX tool. The author of RivEX will not be held responsible for any decisions based upon incorrect attribution values created by RivEX due to incorrect network topology. Advice is given on this website on how to correct errors. You should always check the output of any automated calculation. 

RivEX will make changes to the attribute table of your data when computing stream order or building node ID values. 

Always work from a backed up copy of your data!

The RivEX tool is locked to a single Windows Operating System (the windows product ID number you gave when you purchased RivEX). If you wish to run more than one copy of RivEX you need to purchase a license for each Windows Operating System. 

If you upgrade or replace a computer I am happy to reissue you with a new license file free of charge. 

RivEX is developed in ArcGIS 10.7 on a Windows 10 operating system. The Author can provide only limited support for RivEX running on older operating systems such as Microsoft Windows Windows 7 or 8.

For each copy you purchase you are entitled to all future upgrades and patches for the major release version.

Your details (Name, Email and Windows registration number) will NEVER be shared with anyone else.  Your details are stored "off-line" in a database. 

RivEX will contact you using the email address you submitted to send you the tool with license file and to inform you of any new releases. 

RivEX uses Pay Pal for a secure credit card transaction.  RivEX uses a verified Pay Pal account. To purchase this tool via Pay Pal you do not have to open a Pay Pal account .  Their website encourages you but it is optional.  RivEX never stores or even sees your personal account information. 

Due to the low price this tool sells for and the charges that PayPal levy on me for you to be able to purchase with a credit card it is not viable to give a refund. 

The Author of RivEX will attempt to answer any problems within 48 hours of receipt of an email ( This may not always be the case if you email during the weekend or the author is on vacation. 

The Author of RivEX reserves the right to alter the specifications of RivEX and update the terms in condition of use as of when needed.