Computers are not very intelligent!  OK, so they can do millions of calculations a second or locate an incorrect value in a huge dataset in a blink of an eye but they are unable to make that human decision of "that looks good, but . . . hang on, that doesn't look right"!

RivEX attempts to trap as many errors as it can before processing but you the user can still provide a network that full fills all the topological rules required by RivEX but still have flaws within it.

You should always check the output of any  computer automation as a machine will blindly go on computing values which look great but are in fact totally wrong!

This section of the manual gives post processing advice and demonstrates problems using real data (from the NHD dataset).

oGive me advice on what I should be checking for AFTER RivEX has processed my network 

oRivEX has processed my network but what it returns is incorrect, show me some examples of why RivEX fails