RivEX can analyse the basic properties of a river network and send the results directly to MS Excel. Progress can be tracked in the progress window and status bar.

The whole network is included in this analysis, the output does not differentiate between catchments.

The basic properties of the network extracted are: 

oNumber of polylines in the network 

oTotal number of vertices in the network 

oMinimum polyline length 

oMaximum polyline length 

oSum polyline length 

oMean polyline length 

oNumber of Nodes 

oNumber of Mouths

oNumber of Sources 

oNumber of Pseudo nodes

oNumber of nodes with valency X*

oNumber of interior links

oNumber of exterior links

oNumber of outlet links

* = This row will expand to however many required depending upon the largest valency.

WarningInterrupting the data transfer by clicking on the Excel window will cause the transfer to fail! Excel will always minimise when transfer is complete, so be patient if you are processing a large river network.